About us

Background: Gulsher Khan “Shani” is one of the most well known Hindi writers since Independence. Hailing from Jagdalpur in Chhattisgarh (earlier part of Madhya Pradesh state), he rose to prominence with his seminal work “Kala Jal”. It was adapted for TV as serial with the same name. His other works include “Shal vano ke dweep” and other literary accomplishments. He was also associated with the Sahitya Kala Academy for a long time and played an important role in the growth of Hindi language and literature. Since his demise in 1995, we have been observing his birth as well as death anniversaries with some informal get together of intellectuals and litterateurs. The events have been a low key but intellectually and emotionally a satisfying experiences. Based on the response of people and the love and respect enjoy by our late father among the new generation as well we propose to start a foundation to promote Hindi literature as well as literature produced in other Indian languages.